Why You Need Wall Art In Your Home

At The Metal Shack, we’ve made it our life’s work to provide people with incredible metal signs that bring messages of positivity, hope, and comfort into the home. We take pride in the many designs we’ve created, and we love hearing about the positive experiences that people have with our metal wall art.

However, if you’re on our site reading this blog right now, it’s possible that you’re not convinced yet. You may be on the fence about whether or not metal wall decor is for you, and that’s understandable. However, we’ve done a lot of research about the positive effects that wall art can have on your interior design, so before you decide whether or not our signs are right for your home, it might be helpful to understand how some well-placed art can enhance your home in general.

Let’s look at a few ways that wall art is a boon to your interior design:

It Can Balance Room Scale

With many homes, even if the homeowners are unaware of it, there’s an imbalance between the size of a room and its furniture. Rooms come in all kinds of different shapes and sizes — having disproportionately tall furniture in a room with a low ceiling isn’t very visually satisfying, nor is tiny furniture in a giant room with vaulted ceilings.

However, wall art can help to direct the eye to whatever region you deem is best, and help the space feel like it’s more evenly populated. For example, well-placed wall art in a tall room can guide the eye upward and help the room to feel more empty, both things that will reduce the sensation that you’re being dwarfed by towering walls.

Wall art, especially our unique metal signs which are primarily creatively arranged text phrases, is perfect for drawing the eye to any part of the room that would otherwise create an imbalance. If you have an awkward space you’re having trouble filling, or a general feeling of emptiness, artistic wall decor is a perfect option.

It Adds Texture to the Room

One great advantage of wall art is that it can add a sense of texture to a room that otherwise feels flat. The texture of a room is one of those things that you probably don’t think too hard about, but you’d be surprised to find at how much more subconsciously satisfying a room is when it has varying degrees of texture.

Flat rooms can feel plain, or like they’re closing in on you. Varying texture helps to create movement for your eye, giving it multiple things to look at and focus on. Our metal signs are perfect for this because they can be mounted in so many ways. You can opt to have one of our signs mounted flat against the wall if it’s surrounded by other things that are popping out, or you can do the opposite and mount it so there’s a slight distance, creating a pop-out effect that casts a shadow.

It Provides a Focal Point

One of the biggest sins of interior design is having a room that is messy or confusing. The eye should be “guided” to certain areas which are aesthetically pleasing and provide some kind of purpose for the room. Take the master bedroom for example — the dominant furniture and overall purpose of the room is the bed. Placing an appropriate piece of wall art above the headboard can draw the eye to the bed immediately, creating a lovely effect that will make the room feel just ever so slightly better than it would without the wall decor.

The trick with wall art is to understand scale. You don’t want the piece to be too large or too small — both will create an imbalance and cause the furniture to feel incongruent with your decorating.

It Can Finish a Room

Many rooms are designed without an intent to purchase wall art at all — it’s often not the first thing on people’s minds, and it’s apparent when their decorating is finished, but there’s just something that seems to be missing. In a lot of instances, that certain special something, the cherry on top of the whipped cream, is well-placed wall art.

Think about the rooms in your house and consider whether or not they feel like they could just use some sort of pizazz. Metal wall decor might just be your answer. Sometimes, mounting a piece of artwork onto the wall is like placing the last piece of a puzzle — it just fits, and you know that it was always meant to be there.

Creative Metal Signs and Wall Art

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